Why do I need an estate agent when selling my home in Kent?

Why do I need an estate agent when selling my home in Kent?

Hot, hot, hot! We’re not describing the weather we had a few days ago (but hasn’t it been amazing?). We’re talking about the UK property market right now. With a fast and vibrant market such as this, it could be easy to believe that any home will sell as long as you put it on Rightmove – right? And with so many choices when it comes to selling your home, you may be thinking; why do I need an estate agent? But there is a big difference between finding a buyer and selling your home. So, let us tell you why you need an estate agent and, more importantly, why you need us.

What an experienced seller knows

Experienced home sellers completely understand the value of choosing an estate agent such as us over a ‘post and pray’ agent, who presses the upload button on Rightmove and waits to see what happens.  Whilst they are uploading, we’ve already been working our magic to find a buyer; and Rightmove is only one tool in our sales kit.

When it comes to marketing any product or home, you want to use a range of sources; whether that’s online, social media, in print format or a good agent’s secret weapon – word of mouth.  We invest in the right places, such as professional photography, video content, and personally calling those local buyers that have expressed an interest in a home like yours. At Century Residential we put huge effort into marketing your home. We create a strategy that is specifically designed to find you the right buyer and the highest price possible.

You can’t beat local

When you’ve worked in the local property market as long as we have, you gain an in-depth understanding in how it works and moves. This knowledge is invaluable, as we can give you honest and realistic advice throughout your sale. One thing about the local market in and around Kent is that you need to know the streets; the value of similar properties can vary depending on the location. This is where an agent outside the area relying on generic data could fall short.  If your home is not valued correctly, you can end up either underselling your home and missing out financially. However, if your home is overpriced it will appear undesirable and you will again lose money in the long run.

Remember that an estate agent such as ourselves doesn’t get paid until your sale completes.  For every hour we spend with you, we will have worked on average nine hours behind the scenes on your behalf – and we haven’t even got started yet!  Not all estate agents work the same way. So, it’s worth getting to know how each agent plans to sell your home; so that you can make the right choice for you.

Keeping you informed

Communication is vital, and no one likes the sound of silence when selling a home.  You want to know how your buyers are doing – is the chain in good shape and, more importantly, how quickly are things moving?  At Century Residential you will never be ‘on mute’, from the moment you list your home with us.  We don’t believe in numbers; we may sell houses but we are a people business and love getting to know the lovely homebuyers and sellers we meet every day.  No matter who needs our help, we are just a call, a Facebook message or an email away.

Once you have found a buyer, that’s when the real works begins for an estate agent, as the sales process can be filled with highs, lows and nerves.  Yes, finding a buyer may be easy in this market but keeping your sale on track and your chain together? That takes work. Delays and frustrations can cause fractions within chains; and it’s our job to smooth everything over and keep the process moving.

It can be hard to comprehend work that you cannot see, and you may not even be aware of everything we’re doing.  When you decorate your home, for example, it’s so visual that you appreciate the result straightaway, but having a damp proof course done, though it’s not something you can see, will protect your home for the long term. 

Your advocate

Being your estate agent means we become your advocate. Not only do we provide you with all the support you need during the sale process, we also protect your interests.  From managing the negotiations so we can achieve that amazing sale figure from the right buyer, to accompanying every single buyer as they view your home, sharing your passion for the property. We will be your voice within the chain and help turn those home moving dreams into a reality.

Let’s get started

Whether you’re buying for the first time, or are in need of an upgrade; we’re ready to help you glide smoothly from one home to the next.  Give our team a call today on 01634 570057 and let’s get you started on the road to your new home.

Content contributed by The Federation of Independent Agents.

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