Shortfall in homes for sale leads to record-breaking house price increase

Shortfall in homes for sale leads to record-breaking house price increase

Here at Century Residential, we have witnessed an extraordinary demand for properties for sale, combined with a shortage of homes coming on the market in the last 7 months. According to Rightmove there was a 225,000 shortfall in homes available for sale in the first half of 2021! In the first half of this year 140,000 more sales were agreed than the 2014 to 2019 average; and yet homes available for sale were down 85,000, creating a 225,000 shortfall which has lead to a record-breaking house price increase.

Record-breaking house prices

The shortage of homes for sale across Kent and the increasing demand from buyers has led to record-breaking house prices. The Nationwide house price index reported a 13.4% annual increase in house prices in June!   

How much is your home worth?

Now is the ideal time to find out how much the value of your home has increased; it will probably surprise you a lot! So, if you are considering about moving home, speak to our friendly team about listing your property soon to take advantage of housing market demand and increased in house prices. The overall demand for sale properties is currently 26% higher than in 2020.

We have a super handy instant online valuation tool to get a quick estimation of property price in just seconds. The tool gives you a minimum and maximum possible property value based on local and national property market data but does not consider the condition of your home and other factors. However it’s an excellent place to start!

If you would like a more precise figure then please get in touch on 01634 570057 or email medway@crrealestate.flywheelsites.com to chat with a member of our friendly and experienced sales team.

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