How to sell your Medway home this Halloween

How to sell your Medway home this Halloween

The summer has well and truly gone, and there are even signs that Christmas will soon be here; judging by goods in the shops and some ads on TV. But before we deck the halls and hang the tinsel; we have a more eerie celebration on the cards, when the spooks and ghouls rule the night. Since the fright night has been somewhat reduced over the last couple of years; we know that many of our local residents are looking forward to celebrating in style. How should you decorate your Medway home if you decide to sell this Halloween?

Does spooky sell?

Even though the stamp duty holiday has ended, we are still seeing buyers eager to find their next home in Medway. And don’t worry if your home has it’s own Casper or requires the Ghost Busters because; according to a recent study by Inventorybase, you could actually scare your home’s value. The study found that homes that look (supposedly) haunted had sold by 18% more than their more warm and welcoming neighbours. That being said, we find that today’s buyers in Medway are looking for a home and not a house of horrors; so before you make any haunting mistakes, we have put together some decorating tips.

Eliminate the cobwebs and spiders

Although cobwebs and spiders are the perfect companions for Halloween; they are not looked on so favourably by buyers. So, before you put up any seasonal décor make sure your house has been decluttered; as adding more items will make your home feel disorganised and smaller. Also, give your home a deep clean, it doesn’t look good when buyers have to run screaming from a smelly fridge or an unsightly corner.

Tame for gore

Of course, you may wish to decorate your home to give your family a Halloween to remember, but don’t go overboard. Remember buyers are coming to see your home; and they need to be able to see it and all the key features that it holds. Not everyone loves Halloween; and it isn’t only young children that could be put off by scary and gory decorations. If you’re having a party, decorate for that and then pull it back ready for any viewings.

Treat the senses

Selling your home is all about the senses, so don’t forget to treat your buyers with some autumnal scents. This season has some of the most delicious aromas, from gingerbread to pumpkin spice and cinnamon. However use them carefully and make sure you avoid any artificial scents as these can be overpowering. Whether you bake an aromatic traybake for a viewing; or add these natural smells in another way, don’t forget to treat your buyers’ senses.

Elegance over tacky

Who doesn’t want to go overboard with gory and spine-chilling decorations; but if you’re selling your home we are afraid you want to make sure you make the best impression. Try to keep things elegant, and there are many beautiful home decorations available to add some shivers rather than some frights. Make sure your choices complement your home’s existing colour schemes, and use warm, earthy tones. You also need to keep your decorations looking fresh; especially if you’re using real pumpkins and flowers; buyers don’t want to see smelly rotten displays, that’s another way to give buyers a scare.

Don’t hide your features

What beautiful and wonderful features does your home have? One thing you need to make sure is that your decorations celebrate these rather than hide them; which is why you need to decorate strategically. Add touches that will accentuate fireplaces, brighten dark corners and highlight beautiful period features. Ensuring your décor works with your home, rather than against it, will also appeal to potential buyers.

A six sense

Buyers have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing whether a home is right for them; and you don’t want to put any barriers in the way. Therefore, this Halloween, don’t make any haunting mistakes and eliminate the cobwebs, tame the gore, treat the senses, keep it elegant without hiding any features. If you would like more advice on how to prepare your home this October, please call our team at Century Residential on 01634 570057.

Content contributed by The Federation of Independent Agents.

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