Is summer a good time to sell your home?

Is summer a good time to sell your home?

Deciding when to sell your home can be challenging. We understand that sellers want to move at a convenient time while also aiming to maximise the sale price for their next property.

Although the property market is active year-round, the summer months are especially advantageous and popular for listing your property for several reasons.

Stable property prices

We recognise that some homeowners have been more hesitant about selling recently. There has been uncertainty regarding future property prices, and sellers naturally aim to secure the best possible price.

While some might believe their property could sell for more if they wait for the market to grow, they also risk getting less if prices decline. A stable market is not only safer for sellers but also attracts typically cautious buyers.

Reassuringly, the average property price in June barely changed since May (a difference of less than 0.0%) and is up 0.6% compared to this time last year, suggesting that prices have stabilised for now.

With property prices currently stable, now is an excellent time to book in a free property valuation from a local selling expert.

Show summer highlights of your property

Summer is the ideal time to showcase your outdoor spaces, so consider sprucing up your garden with some light gardening, lawn care, and staging of garden furniture.

The sunny weather naturally brightens viewings, providing an opportunity to highlight features such as skylights and bay windows.

Photographs taken during this season will benefit from natural light and better weather, making your property more appealing and creating a strong first impression on buyers. Prospective buyers will also enjoy exploring the local area more during summer.

Good time for families to buy

Many potential buyers are likely in the same situation as you, wanting to move before the year ends. This increases the chances that your house could be quickly sold to someone aiming to move before the colder months.

If your property is spacious, it might be perfect for a family wanting to move while their kids are on summer break. This timing would allow them to enroll their children in their new school early in the academic year, or even before the term starts.

Moving in the summer is also more convenient due to clearer weather, making it easier to move your belongings. Some potential buyers may have waited until summer to move for this very reason.

If you want to move this year, it’s essential to take action now.

Selling your property takes time, so it’s best to start as soon as possible. Given that the conveyancing process can take on average around 12 weeks, plus the time needed for the buyer to secure a mortgage, you’ll need to act now if you want to move before winter.

Earlier this year, it took an average of 78 days to find a buyer. By May, this wait time had decreased by 28 days, with Rightmove reporting an average of just 60 days to secure a buyer.

Listing your property for sale now increases your chances of finding a buyer quickly. Get started with a free, no-obligation property valuation from our local experts to get an estimate of your property’s market value.

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