How to revamp your home decor for the colder months

How to revamp your home decor for the colder months

As the weather starts to turn cooler, we tend to spend more time indoors and this means that viewers take more notice of our home decor. But how can you maximise your enjoyment and stage your home for the new autumn season? Here’s our top tips for Autumn and how to revamp your home decor…

Colour to change with the season

As the nights start to draw in, being cosy becomes key. An easy way to spruce up your home decor is to take a good look at the nature around you; get seasonal colour inspiration from mother nature herself. In autumn we’re presented with rich berries, the darkening skies, the orange and reddening hues of leaves that are dropping from trees. All these autumnal colours are warm, rich and comforting; take inspiration from them for your colour palette. Using them in your accessories adds an instant injection of warmth.

Taking inspiration from the changing colours outside, adds a zap of colour that blends in with the majority of colour schemes really easily. With grey being a base palette that most people now have in their homes; the introduction of a colour can lift the space and add visual interest.

Unusual autumn colours

However, remember that there’s more to autumn than the deep burgundy and orange hues. Green tones from emerald to chartreuse can be used to accessorise your home; from a cushion, throw, candle or, for the more daring, an upholstered product such as a chair or sofa. This year will have a strong yellow tone added to it with ochre becoming a real on trend colour. The strong mustardy tone works really well to bring in an almost gold shade to schemes.

Pink is also having a moment and can be used in varying tones to create different ambiences and atmospheres. Dusky pinks are just beautifully warm and classic, mixed with ochre and grey they are a real winner for autumn.


This year has seen a lot of geometric designs used for tiles, fabrics and wallpapers and they are set to continue into next year. Injecting this print into your home for whatever the reason, maybe to add a splash of colour, can be done with little expense. A colourful piece of artwork, cushions in bold fabrics or a statement accessory to your home decor can bring the room to life again.


As the days start to draw in earlier there’s a huge emphasis on good quality lighting to illuminate the darker days and lots of candles and layers to add warmth and cosiness to rooms.


Getting that chic cosy but not messy and cramped feeling can be tricky; but sheepskins, throws and shaggy rugs are all perfect for adding an extra layer to a room. Just adding a few of these to the room will instantly transform the space into one ready for a hot chocolate and a cosy film night.

You can further adorn your home decor with some stylish sofa garments. This season we would splash out on a little luxury in the lounge by adding cushions and throws on the sofa. Not only do they bring comfort and warmth, but they add a splash of colour; and can help keep your room up to date and looking fresh without spending too much money.

Big decisions

Have you thought about staging your home to sell better in the colder months coming? Get in touch for more tips on staging your home specifically for local buyers, or for that first step of a home valuation by calling 01634 570057.

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