Landlords: why going fully managed could help you

Landlords: why going fully managed could help you

We recognise that handling a property can become both time-consuming and costly. That’s why we suggest entrusting your property to a professional agent with a fully managed service.

Whether you’re a new landlord or a seasoned property investor of one week or ten years, there’s one thing we can all agree on: managing your property can be challenging. When renting out a property, the need to be accessible to tenants becomes priority. Many landlords and property investors find it challenging to manage multiple properties on their own, especially during busy seasons and holidays, which only adds pressure to these responsibilities.

How can we help you?

This is where a reliable letting agent can play a vital role. Our skilled experts at CR Real Estate can assist in saving you time by overseeing your rental property, handling financial paperwork, and dealing with tenant management.

We understand the significance of time, particularly during busy periods. Our lettings team are here to assist with tenant enquiries, maintenance issues, and much more with our fully managed service. Our expertise will allow you to enjoy holidays and day-to-day living without interruptions from tenants and issues. We offer regular check-ins on your property to ensure it stays well-maintained, which reduces the chances of unexpected expenses that might add extra stress.

From a financial standpoint, the benefits of opting for a fully managed property agent are clear. We can guide you through the complex landscape of property management and enhance your investment for optimal returns. By efficiently managing tasks such as rent collection and property inspections, we ensure your investment is optimised.

Compliancy made simple

The legal responsibilities facing landlords today have significantly increased compared to just a few years ago. Ensuring you’re well-versed in these matters is crucial to avoid hefty fines that could transform your buy-to-let aspirations into a nightmare.

Legislation is notorious for its constant changes, making it challenging to stay updated on all the details. Having a team of experts by your side is invaluable in today’s dynamic environment. As a reputable letting agent we stay informed about any regulatory changes impacting your property investment and present your options in a clear and understandable manner.

Finding tenants isn’t as easy as it once was

There have been significant changes in the rental market, including shifts in tenant expectations. While the demand for quality homes remains high in many areas, tenants are no longer willing to settle for subpar properties or inadequate landlord services. With rental costs consuming a considerable portion of people’s incomes, it’s understandable that they expect nothing less than what they deserve.

Additionally, the challenges in the property buying market have contributed to a ripple effect in the rental sector. Tenancy durations are extending, with many lasting four years or more nowadays. This increased commitment from tenants emphasises the importance of professionalism in attracting the best renters.

Opting for full management services ensures representation by a trusted name that tenants can rely on. This instills confidence in potential renters and significantly improves the chances of finding the right tenant for your property. Additionally, with experienced valuers and negotiators working on your behalf, you stand to secure the best rental price—a clear win-win situation.

Want to discuss your rental property and becoming fully managed?

Don’t hesitate any longer! Give yourself the luxury of time, savings, and a stress-free 2024 — all made achievable through the expert care of our property management agents!

Got a property or portfolio you’d like managed in Medway or any of the surrounding areas in Kent? We’re here to help! Simply get in touch with our dedicated lettings team to find out more about how we can help you become more hands-off with your investment.

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